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INFOGRAPHICS | The first 90 days of Covid-19: How does SA compare to the world? A comparison of the first 90 days of the spread of Covid-19 in various countries shows how early action impacted the spread of the coronavirus.
C19 People's Coalition calls for 'independent' probe into Collins Khosa's death An alliance of social movements, trade unions and community organisations is demanding that the SA National Defence Force be held accountable for the death of Collins Khosa.
LIVE | 70% of coronavirus deaths in the country come from the Western Cape - Mkhize Stay up to date with the latest news, views and analysis as the number of coronavirus cases in SA increases.
Coronavirus morning update: President calls for responsible drinking, and latest on schools The president has called on South Africans not "to drink so much they injure others", and the ConCourt has rejected an urgent application to stop schools reopening.