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Three KZN rhino poachers convicted after 10-year trial Three rhino poachers are behind bars awaiting their sentencing after a Durban magistrate convicted them at the end of a 10-year trial.
They were sent from Ladysmith to kill him – Ladysmith taxi war spills over to Bedfordview A bloody taxi war that has been raging in Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal for more than six years, has spilt over to Bedfordview in Johannesburg.
Media24 follows Toyota as it also ends partnership with Afrikaans is Groot All the Media24 titles previously associated with the controversial Afrikaans is Groot concert have announced that they will no longer continue their involvement.
Election ballot paper designed to 'minimise risks of miscast ballots' - IEC The Electoral Commission of SA says the design of the ballot paper for the May 8 elections has been created to "enable easy identification of the party of choice by the voter and to minimise risks of miscast ballots".